Does anyone ever notice how when we do something we shouldn't do, or say something that we shouldn't say, that it always seems to come back around full circle? Full circle as in, your back to the point where you wish you hadn't done it, wish you hadn't said it, and your searching desperately for a way to make it right and stop it from happening again. It happens to all of us in one form another, almost always on a daily basis at times.

What also happens, is that we sometimes (on purpose) look directly over the answer that lies right there in front of us. Instead of using the simple, easy freeway exit, we would rather continue our endless circle around the loop of failure. Why is it that even when we know Gods answer to our question, his solution to our dilemma, that we continue on with our own solution only to find that it was obviously wrong (which we knew to begin with!). Its pretty easy to say that we are a self absorbed, selfish collection of people when you resort to trusting your own advice instead of advice given from the Lord of all creation.

Common sense is very uncommon.

I suppose I am done rambling for now, because I really need to study for a test. So instead of doing what I want to do which is keep typing, I will listen to God and go study!

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