Someone certainly crawled out of the right side of the bed today, and it was me. Why you might ask? Well why not?!

Because its raining? It just so happens that I love the rain, because of the way it cleanses the earth and washes old things away to make things new.

Because I don't have tons of money to go out and waste? Money is nice, but I've come to find that sometimes the more things you have on this earth, the more problems you have.

Because things in the world aren't the way I want them? If you have everything in life that you want, whats left to strive for? More importantly, whats left to hope for?

To some it may sound as though I have been harping a lot lately, complaining about people who complain all the time. Maybe so, but I give no apologies. I have spent so much time in my life listening to people ruin the gift of life that we have been given, by tainting it with selfishness and self inflicted sorrow, that I spent much of my own time agreeing with them. Using my own self pity to drown out the joy that we have here in our hearts, and in our lives. Those were times in my past that even though I wish to erase, I am glad they happened. Because with every trial we face, we grow stronger.

I'm thankful for all the things I have, and all the things yet to come in my life, no matter how big or small they may be. I am thankful for my life, because every breath that we draw is a gift and a blessing. I love my friends and family, for outside of God they are where I draw my strength.

I hope everybody just takes time out today (and each day), to give thanks for what they have, even if they consider to be very little. Because sometimes being thankful for the little things, opens the door to bigger things.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven."

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

Matthew 5:3-10

Now comes the weekend, and time for everyone to enjoy each others company. The SUPERBOWL is this Sunday, and I know everyone (myself included) can't wait. Just make sure you get off your behinds and make it out to church and give thanks for the TV that you watch the game on, and the food, friends, and your house, which God gave you. (Even though you may think you earned all of this yourself)

Have a great weekend everyone!



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